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Political Economy in 60 Seconds

by Sirma Altun on March 13, 2019

To higher-degree research students within the School of Social and Political Sciences,

We are soon commencing a project launching a series of podcasts on Progress in Political Economy (PPE) and would like to have you as participants of this exciting project!

The aim of our project is to produce a series of podcasts by higher-degree research students in the School of Social and Political Sciences (SSPS). This involves two applied podcast training workshops that will be led by Miles Martignoni, Podcast Producer at Guardian Australia. We will then create teams to draft, record and edit a series of 5 podcasts themed around the concept of “space”, with each being 60 seconds long. The podcast series will be published in the Progress in Political Economy Blog.

We will have 10-15 project participants and we will ensure that our cohort is diverse in terms of research progression and domestic/international students, as well as diversity in terms of class, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality. If you are exploring spatial dimensions of political economy in your research and you are keen to learn about podcast production, please send an e-mail to Sirma Altun ( by March 22 introducing yourself and your research.

We will have our first introductory meeting with recruited participants on March 29 (with those recruited participants informed about the time and location of the meeting by email).

Thank you,

Sirma Altun

Sirma Altun
Sirma Altun is a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney. Her research interests lie in the political economy of contemporary China, specifically in social welfare transformation and urban poverty. She is also interested in looking at the question of hegemony in China from a critical socio-spatial perspective.

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