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New Issue of Antipode

by Adam David Morton on January 22, 2016

AntipodeThe new issue of Antipode is out, as announced on Progressive Geographies, and includes Derek Gregory’s ‘The Natures of War’ and Henri Lefebvre, ‘The Theory of Ground Rent and Rural Sociology‘. The second piece is translated by Matthew Dennis, and edited by Stuart Elden and me. We also contribute an introduction to the piece. The entire issue is free to download.

At the Antipode Foundation site they introduce the issue, and have this to say about the Lefebvre piece:

Next up is Stuart Elden and Adam David Morton with Thinking Past Henri Lefebvre: Introducing “The Theory of Ground Rent and Rural Sociology”. As the title suggests, this piece introduces that which follows: Henri Lefebvre’s The Theory of Ground Rent and Rural Sociology. Lefebvre will be known to most geographers for his prodigious work on everyday life, the city, the production of space, and, increasingly, the state. Less well known is his longstanding interest in questions of the rural. This new translation is the first step in Stuart and Adam’s project to take on a disciplinary reductionism that “essentialises a critique of the political economy of space to urban space at the neglect of the rural-urban dialectic”, opening up new lines of geographical investigation.

The Antipode Foundation funded the translation as part of our efforts to facilitate engagement with scholarship from outside the English-speaking world. In the coming months and years we hope to break down some of the barriers between language communities, enabling hitherto under-represented groups, regions, countries and institutions to enrich conversations and debates in the journal. Watch this space…

Stuart and me are obviously grateful to the Foundation for funding the translation; to Matthew for taking on the work; and Editions Anthropos for the rights.

Adam David Morton
Adam David Morton is Professor of Political Economy in the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney. He is author of Unravelling Gramsci: Hegemony and Passive Revolution in the Global Political Economy (2007); Revolution and State in Modern Mexico: The Political Economy of Uneven Development (2011), recipient of the 2012 Book Prize of the British International Studies Association (BISA) International Political Economy Group (IPEG); and co-author of Global Capitalism, Global War, Global Crisis (2018) with Andreas Bieler. He co-edits Progress in Political Economy (PPE) with Gareth Bryant that was the recipient of the 2017 International Studies Association (ISA) Online Media Caucus Award for the Best Blog (Group) and the 2018 International Studies Association (ISA) Online Media Caucus Award for Special Achievement in International Studies Online Media.

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