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Call for Papers – International/Economy/Society: IPE Meets IPS (EISA 2017)

by Liam Stanley on February 7, 2017

International/Economy/Society: IPE Meets IPS

Call for paper, panel and roundtable proposals for Section 23 / European International Studies Association 11th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, Barcelona, 13–16 September 2017

Section Chairs:

International Political Economy (IPE) and International Political Sociology (IPS) exist as largely separate fields, with different frames of reference and scholarly networks. But if all that is international is political, then why still the opposition between the economic and the social? Why do we insist on the separation of fields into IPE and IPS, rather than an integrated ‘IPES’? Given the surprisingly limited overlap between IPE and IPS, this section invites contributions on the cross-sections of international/economy/society, broadly conceived.

Both IPE and IPS can gain from increased cross-fertilisation. For IPE, IPS dissolves distinctions between constructivist and post-structuralist IPE, and is not attached to an imperative to demonstrate the causal power of economic ideas. IPS, meanwhile, has a stronger foothold in other areas of International Relations, with articles on the global economy, for example, relatively underrepresented in journals such as International Political Sociology. This sections aims to bring together the logics, methods, and scholarly networks of IPE and IPS, in order to showcase empirical studies and theoretical reflections on international/economy/society.

Relevant approaches and methods might include, but is not exclusive of: social studies of finance, actor-network theory, economic sociology, historical sociology, biopolitics, Bourdieusian sociology, finance/security, post-colonialism, critical management studies, evolutionary economics, social network analysis, ethnography, and a myriad of other ways of approaching international/economy/society. The section will provide an inclusive platform for a varied and cross-disciplinary set of theoretical and empirical papers on any topic related to the central theme of international/economy/society.

Please submit your paper, panel and roundtable proposals via the Conftool electronic submission system by 10 February 2017.

Instructions on how to submit the proposal are available here.

For more information, please visit the conference website.

Liam Stanley
Liam Stanley is Lecturer in the Department of Politics at the University of Sheffield.

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