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We’re all that’s Left

by Anitra Nelson on February 20, 2015

We’re all that’s left —

the ones parties would expel

for self-criticism,

the ones unions would quell

because we challenged,

the ones who knew always

that we were shitting

in our own nest,

the ones who presented the moral stance

when no organised leftists wanted to hear it.


Yes, we’re all that’s Left.


The ones who read everything the opposition

wrote as well as those ‘on our side’

and sometimes even agreed with them.

The ones they now call utopian because

we still say a revolution is possible

but it must happen now.

The ones who say it can only happen

by replacing the state

and money

by direct people’s power.


The ones who believe in an open movement

like the women’s movement

like the black movement

like the peace movement.

Not leaderless but full of leaders.

Not spoken for but all speaking.

Not represented but each

taking their turn to act for all.


Horizontal. Lateral.

South. North.

Global. Local.


Come the occupiers.

Come the nonviolent activists.

Take back your home.

Your day has come.

Anitra Nelson
Anitra Nelson is an activist-scholar and Associate Professor at RMIT University’s Centre for Urban Research, author of Marx’s Concept of Money: The God of Commodities (1999), co-editor of Life Without Money: Building Fair and Sustainable Economies (2011), and her Small Is Necessary: Shared Living on a Shared Planet was published by Pluto Press (London) in January 2018.
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  • February 22, 2015 at 12:50 pm

    this is beautiful writing Anitra. I have so much to say about it! however we will save our thoughts for when we meet and record together again! and maybe… even… send it out live to the world on GLO 106, March 23….. praying we get the help we need, from the ABC… Gregg Borchsmann and the Science Show… maybe Phillip Adams… Lynley M, Verica again etc… local radio is fine at this stage and local papers – thankyou!

    sock it to the world with theglobaltvshow…. L< S

  • February 26, 2015 at 9:31 am

    Looking forward to more discussion — and media — in March, Shirley.

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