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Recording of the 9th Annual Wheelwright Lecture: David Ruccio

by Adam David Morton on October 24, 2016

2016 9th Annual Wheelwright Lecture in Political Economy

David Ruccio (Professor of Economics, University of Notre Dame)

“Utopia and the Critique of Political Economy”

Previous Wheelwright Lectures have been delivered by Walden Bello (2008), Jim Stanford (2009), Fred Block (2010), Sheila Dow (2011), Diane Elson (2012), Susan George (2013), Leo Panitch (2014), and Erik Olin Wright (2015).

Here we present the recording from the 9th Wheelwright Lecture delivered by David Ruccio as well as a carousel of photographs from the event.


2016 - Rucco Web



Adam David Morton
Adam David Morton is Professor of Political Economy in the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney.

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