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The ‘HAVES’ and the ‘HAVE YACHTS’: Public Lecture

by David Primrose on November 14, 2019

The ‘HAVES’ and the ‘HAVE YACHTS’: Socio-Spatial Struggles in London between the ‘Merely Wealthy’ and the ‘Super-Rich’

In the decade between 2007 and 2017 London changed fundamentally. This lecture is about how the actions of the transnational über-wealthy — the “have yachts” — impinged on the life-worlds of the “merely wealthy” — “the haves.” The lecture will explore the conceptual utility of gentrification as a way of thinking about these seismic urban changes, and concludes that profound socio-spatial changes and new intensities in the financialisation of housing, neighborhood tensions, and cultural dislocations are reshaping London as a plutocratic city and the lives of those who live there in historically unprecedented ways. Even the concept of “super-gentrification,”, does not adequately frame these circumstances.

Date And Time

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM AEDT


Seminar Rm. 210, Social Sciences Building, University of Sydney

Social Sciences Building, University of Sydney

Sydney, NSW 2006

David Primrose
David Primrose is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney. His research examines the relationship between behavioural economics, neoliberalism and post-political representations of social processes. He has previously published on the political economy of behavioural economics, health, inequality, biodiversity and infrastructure, and is also exploring issues relating to contemporary agri-food reform, development, technoscience, economic theory, Marxism, poststructuralism and neoliberalism.

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