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Shortlist for the 2019 Australian International Political Economy Network (AIPEN) Richard Higgott Journal Article Prize

by Gareth Bryant on September 30, 2019

The selection committee for the Australian International Political Economy Network (AIPEN) Richard Higgott Journal Article Prize is pleased to announce the shortlist for the 2019 prize, as voted on by AIPEN members.

The prize will be awarded to the best article published in 2018 (online early or in print) in international political economy (IPE) by an Australia-based scholar.

The prize defines IPE in a pluralist sense to include the political economy of security, geography, literature, sociology, anthropology, post-coloniality, gender, finance, trade, regional studies, development and economic theory, in ways that can span concerns for in/security, poverty, inequality, sustainability, exploitation, deprivation and discrimination.

The overall prize winner will be decided from the shortlist by the selection committee, which this year consists of Heloise Weber (University of Queensland), Sara Motta (University of Newcastle), Susan Park (University of Sydney), Gareth Bryant (University of Sydney), John Mikler (University of Sydney), Samanthi Gunawardana (Monash) and Wesley Widmaier (Australian National University).

The prize will be awarded at the upcoming 11th AIPEN Workshop in Sydney.

The 2019 shortlist for The Australian International Political Economy Network (AIPEN) Richard Higgott Journal Article Prize is as follows:

  1. Humphrys, Elizabeth. 2018. “Anti-Politics, the Early Marx and Gramsci’s ‘Integral State.’” Thesis Eleven 147(1):29–44.
  2. Weiss, Linda and Elizabeth Thurbon. 2018. “Power Paradox: How the Extension of US Infrastructural Power Abroad Diminishes State Capacity at Home.” Review of International Political Economy 25(6):779–810.
  3. Parfitt, Claire. 2018. “Contradictions of Financialised Neoliberalism: The Contemporary Practice of Responsible Investment.” Journal of Sociology 54(1):64–76.
  4. Hameiri, Shahar and Fabio Scarpello. 2018. “International Development Aid and the Politics of Scale.” Review of International Political Economy 25(2):145–68.

Past Awardees

2018 – Maria Tanyag, ‘Invisible labor, invisible bodies: how the global political economy affects reproductive freedom in the Philippines’. International Feminist Journal of Politics 19(1): 39–54 (2017).

2017 – Samanthi J. Gunawardana, ‘“To Finish, We Must Finish”: Everyday Practices of Depletion in Sri Lankan Export-Processing Zones’, Globalizations, 13:6 (2016): 861-75.

2016 – Gareth Bryant, ‘“Fixing” the Climate Crisis: Capital, States and Carbon Offsetting in India’ (co-authored with Siddhartha Dabhi and Steffen Böhm), Environment and Planning A, 47:10 (2015).

2015 – Ainsley Elbra, ‘Interests Need Not be Pursued if They Can be Created: Private Governance in African Gold Mining’, Business and Politics, 16:2 (2014).

Gareth Bryant
Gareth Bryant is a Lecturer in the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney.

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