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Shortlist for the 2019 Australian International Political Economy Network (AIPEN) Richard Higgott Journal Article Prize

Displacements in Global Capitalism

by Martijn Konings on September 26, 2019

Displacements in Global Capitalism

Masterclass with Professor Susanne Soederberg (Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada)

The main aim of our Masterclass is to think through the material, institutional and socio-spatial dimensions of displacements in contemporary capitalism. In so doing, we will interrogate the structural violence underpinning social dislocations by discussing the strengths and weaknesses of various concepts ranging from surplus populations to racial capitalism. We will also apply these analytics to two Australian experiences with displacements, namely: evictions from rental housing and offshoring of refugees.

Location: Social Science Building, A02, Level 4 Meeting Room 441, University of Sydney

Date and time: 16 October, 2:30pm-4:30pm

Registration: Email David Primrose (

Required Scholarly Readings:

Prem Kumar Rajaram (2018) ‘Refugees as Surplus Population: Race, Migration and Capitalist Value Regimes,’ New Political Economy, Vol. 23(5): 627-639.

Ida Danewid (2019) ‘The Fire This Time: Grenfell, Racial Capitalism and the Urbanisation of Empire,’ European Journal of International Relations. (pdf attached)

Required Policy Readings:

ILO (2019) World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2019. Geneva: International Labour Organization. Available at:—dgreports/—dcomm/—publ/documents/publication/wcms_670542.pdf (Executive Summary)

‘There’s No Escape from Australia’s Refugee Gulag,’ Foreign Policy. 30 April 2018. Available at:

Tenants’ Union of New South Wales (2019) ‘Lives turned upside down.’ Sydney: Tenants’ Union of NSW. Available at:

Martijn Konings
Martijn Konings works in the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney. He is the author of The Development of American Finance (Cambridge University Press, 2011), The Emotional Logic of Capitalism: What Progressives Have Missed (Stanford University Press, 2015), Neoliberalism (with Damien Cahill, Polity, 2017) and Capital and Time: For a New Critique of Neoliberal Reason (Stanford University Press, 2018). With Melinda Cooper, he edits the new Stanford University Press series Currencies: New Thinking for Financial Times.

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