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Compromised in Crisis: A Greek tragedy or real politik?

by Claire Parfitt on August 7, 2015

Compromised in Crisis: A Greek tragedy or real politik?

When: Wednesday 19 August, 4:30-6:00pm

Where: New Law Annexe, Room 346, University of Sydney

A public forum organised by the Department of Political Economy on the current crisis in Greece, featuring Professor Aspromourgos from the University of Sydney, who will explain the context of European political economy and the structure of the Eurozone. He will discuss how these are impacting, and will continue to impact on, Greece’s economy in the context of Syriza’s deal with the Troika.

The forum will also feature Kevin Ovenden, a UK-based political activist and writer who has followed Greece’s politics and social movements for 25 years. Ovenden is the author of a forthcoming book on Greece and Syriza, Escaping the Labyrinth, and has reported intensively from the field in Greece over the past few months for outlets such as Jacobin and Left-Flank. He will join us via video link from Europe to offer a critical on-the-ground perspective on the politics within Syriza, and within Greek society more generally.

More information, contact: Claire Parfitt Email: claireparfitt@gmail.com

Claire Parfitt
Claire Parfitt is a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney. Claire practised industrial and anti-discrimination law before moving to the trade union movement as a researcher and campaigner. She has worked for Australian and international trade unions and the environment movement on various campaigns related to labour rights, food sovereignty and climate change. She is writing about pension funds, ethical investment and strategic questions that arise for social movements.

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