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Frank Stilwell, The Political Economy of Inequality: Taking Stock and Flowing…

by Bill Dunn on May 17, 2018

Frank Stilwell, 'The Political Economy of Inequality: Taking Stock and Flowing...'

During the last few decades, the gap between the incomes, wealth and living standards of rich and poor people has increased in most countries. Prominent public figures have described current inequalities as unacceptable and called for their reduction.

The huge literature on the topic, triggered by Thomas Piketty’s blockbuster contribution, sometimes emphasises stocks of wealth and sometimes emphasises flows of income. The relationship between stocks and flows is crucial for understanding economic inequality.

Analysis of the implications of economic inequality for public policy is also needed. In Australia, the Turnbull government has recently added a ‘flat tax’ proposal to its ‘trickle down’ economic policy approach. Yet there are alternative public policies that could narrow the gap between rich and poor.

What role can political economists play in these circumstances? Can we contribute to progress by improving public knowledge about key aspects of inequality and the obstacles to a more egalitarian future?

This seminar, by one of Australia’s leading analysts of inequality, takes stock of the current state of knowledge about the nature, causes, consequences and remedies for inequality, flowing into discussion of what is to be done.

Venue: New Law LT, 104, Eastern Avenue

Date: Tuesday, 22 May, 4:00-5:30pm

Bill Dunn
Bill Dunn works in the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney. His principal research interests are in the contemporary global political economy of labour, crises, international trade and Marxism.

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