Trailer: The Emotional Logic of Capitalism
Agnieszka Althaber, 'Men and Part-Time Work in Germany'

Trailer: Carbon Capitalism

by Tim Di Muzio on October 9, 2015

As fossil fuels deplete, what happens to capitalist political economies they support?

Carbon Capitalism: Energy, Social Reproduction and World Order, examines a new theory for understanding energy, social reproduction and capitalism.


Tim Di Muzio
Tim Di Muzio is lecturer in International Relations and public policy at the University of Wollongong. His research is guided by two main agendas. In the first agenda, his interests lie at the intersection between the history of market civilisation, global capitalism and questions related to energy, the environment and global social reproduction. In the second agenda, his interests lie at the intersection between war, racism and liberal forms of rule in the making of world order.

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