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Symposium on private rental sector in the UK and Australia

by Adam David Morton on February 28, 2017

Unpacking the Private Rental Investment Boom in the UK and Australia

Declining home ownership and an expanding private rental sector have been dominant global trends over the past decade. In Australia, this pattern has seen private rental expand from 21% of all households to 26% in the ten years to 2013/14. Albeit from a lower base, the UK’s private rental sector (PRS) has expanded even more rapidly – from 10% to 18% over a similar period. Prodigious amounts of capital have been ploughed into rental property acquisition as investor landlords have expanded their holdings across housing markets of many kinds.

Drawing on recently completed and currently ongoing research, this symposium will explore some of the underlying drivers of the above trend, its institutional nature and its urban spatial embodiment and will include a focus on:

  • Private rental revival: An international political economy perspective (Prof Peter Kemp, Oxford University);
  • Rebuilding the rented sector in the UK, the role of Buy to Let, Build to Rent and Housing Associations (Prof Peter Williams, Cambridge University);
  • Institutional change in Australia’s private rental sector (Prof Kath Hulse, Swinburne University); and
  • The changing geography of private rental investment in Sydney: Work in progress (Prof Hal Pawson, UNSW)

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Adam David Morton
Adam David Morton is Professor of Political Economy in the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney.

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