Radical Economics Pedagogy

At the heart of PPE’s section on Radical Economics Pedagogy, are two questions: 1) what to teach in economics programs, and 2) how to teach it. Since 2008, there have been increased calls internationally for economics to be more pluralist, heterodox and radical. The International Student Initiative for Pluralism in Economics, which has led the way on this question, is now a collaboration of 82 associations of economics students from 31 countries.

At the University of Sydney, the demands for heterodox and alternative content began in the 1960s, and a full political economy program was established in the 1980s. A consideration of what is taught in economics programs also raises the issue of what has been excluded from the curriculum, and this is not simply the dominance of mainstream economics—questions of Eurocentrism and gender in the curriculum, amongst others, remain central.

Alongside this, academics discuss other issues of pedagogy—the ‘how’ of teaching that content. Is learning best achieved through traditional lectures, experiential learning, group collaboration, flipped learning, or the integration of new technologies? Indeed, the establishment of the PPE blog was a pedagogical initiative in itself.

We welcome contributions on any of these, or related topics!


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