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Navigating in a Fog: Plotting a Marxist Political Economy

by Adam David Morton on February 10, 2016

The Department of Political Economy is delighted to announce a lecture by Professor Dick Bryan to celebrate his outstanding contributions to political economy.

The lecture is entitled Navigating in a Fog: Plotting a Marxist Political Economy and results from retirement from the University of Sydney. A short synopsis of the lecture (provided by Dick) follows along with further details below.

In the 1980s Marxian economics entered a fog. Perhaps the fog came from the end of the long boom, or the demise of manufacturing as the ‘model’ of advanced capitalism, or the fall of the Soviet Union. But the fog has remained. Capitalism keeps evolving, while I see that Marxian economics stays still. It keeps asserting its old taxonomies and modes of analysis and its old conclusions even though a materialist method would require that analytical categories adapt to changing circumstances.

I think Marxian political economy now appears too readily as dogmatic value theory or it has vacated the domain of value theory, finding purpose in ideological and moral critiques of capital.

Yet political economy needs to engage Value. So the requirement is to re-think value theory so as to analytically engage capital at its frontier of development – it’s liquidity and fungibility – and to explore the contradictions produced at this frontier.

This talk is an engagement with that project.

Venue: Darlington Centre Conference Room

Lecture: 3:00-4:00pm followed by drinks and canapés

People are invited to attend the lecture or the drinks (or both).

Numbers are restricted so please ensure RSVP at the following link HERE.


Adam David Morton
Adam David Morton is Professor of Political Economy in the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney.

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