Feminist Global “Secureconomy”

Linking global political economy and global security

Feminist International Relations (IR) scholarship has made a substantial contribution to the study of global security in recent decades. Yet, despite early feminist IR incorporating both economic and political analyses of “the international,” we have increasingly seen the subfields of feminist security studies and feminist political economy drift apart, the former privileging violence, peacebuilding, and militarisation, the latter focusing on labour markets, social reproduction, migration movements, and development.

Premised on the idea that gendered economic structures, institutions, and processes are determining of international security politics and vice versa, this blog series problematises the constructed and violently sustained boundaries between political and economic, public and private, domestic and international, global North and South, through an examination of contemporary problems of gendered insecurities and exploitation.

This blog series is a reflection of a growing group of feminists who share our commitments.  We are intellectually thankful for the contributions in Juanita Elias’s (2015) special forum in Politics and Gender and Amanda Chisholm and Saskia Stachowitsch’s forthcoming special forum Continuing the Conversation in the same journal. We are also indebted to the various contributions from presenters at the workshop “Building Bridges and Challenging Foreclosures” convened by Anna M. Agathangelou, Amanda Chisholm and Saskia Stachowitsch, hosted at Newcastle University 23-24 June, 2016 and the contributions from participants at the BISA sponsored workshop “Feminist Global Secureconomies: Making the Link Between Global Political Economy and Global Security” convened by Amanda Chisholm, Sara Meger and Saskia Stachowitsch, hosted at BISA’s Annual Conference in Brighton 13 June, 2017.

Sara Meger, Amanda Chisholm, Saskia Stachowitsch


Beyond Binaries with Feminist Secureconomy


Introducing Feminist ‘Secureconomy’

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