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by Ian Bruff on June 25, 2017

Now that the ‘Varieties of Capitalism’ (VoC) hype has passed, students of capitalist diversity are searching for new directions. My co-edited book (with Matthias Ebenau and Christian May) entitled New Directions in Comparative Capitalisms Research presents the first sustained dialogue between institutionalist ‘post-VoC’ and more critical, global approaches, thus contributing to the development of a new generation of Comparative Capitalisms scholarship.

The volume  is now available in paperback and is explicitly designed to build on paradigmatic debates about varieties or models of capitalism via the much more explicit incorporation of critical and global perspectives into the discussion. Moreover, it is edited with the possibilities for teaching in mind, especially as this generation of students – socialised by years of crisis, conflict, debates about inequality, etc. – are less persuaded by approaches such as Peter A. Hall and David Soskice’s farmework in Varieties of Capitalism: The Institutional Foundations of Comparative Advantage, which tends to downplay these essential aspects of the post-2008 world.

Finally, the book is balanced between theory and empirics, containing a number of chapters comparing and contrasting different conceptual approaches to the issue of capitalist diversity and a number of case studies drawn from around the world.

Ian Bruff
Ian Bruff is Lecturer in European Politics at the University of Manchester, UK. He has published widely on capitalist diversity, neoliberalism, and social theory. He recently completed a large cross-country project on the diversity of contemporary capitalism(s) with Matthias Ebenau, Christian May and Andreas Nölke, which produced two German-language collections in 2013 (with Westfälisches Dampfboot and the journal Peripherie) plus an English-language special issue in 2014 (the journal Capital & Class) and an English-language volume in 2015 (with Palgrave Macmillan). He is currently researching the political economy of authoritarian neoliberalism in Europe, and is the Managing Editor of the Transforming Capitalism book series published by Rowman & Littlefield International.

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