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Class and the Labour Process: Second Call

by Maurizio Atzeni on October 3, 2017

The 36th International Labour Process Conference, 2018


Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, 21-23 March 2018

Call for Streams

The International Labour Process Conference (ILPC) is broadly focused on work and employment relations in the context of the broader political economy, with an emphasis on workers perspectives and theory-led empirical research. Most proposals for papers are submitted to the general conference and are only themed by the organisers for the final programme at a later stage.

During the past few years, the conference has begun to incorporate streams into the program. While there is no intention to become a fully streamed event, we have found that additional streams have been an important and intellectually stimulating aspect of our conference.

We are formally setting forth a call for streams to be included in the 2018 conference to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 21-23 March 2018. Since streams only represent a portion of our conference, we may not be able to accept all stream proposals

Acceptance of streams is based on a review process in which streams are evaluated based on two main criteria (in addition to the substantive focus of the proposed stream):

  • The focus of the stream is on issues or topics not normally covered in the Conference (see the Call for Papers for such a list); or treats traditional topics in a novel way.
  • The stream will broaden the audience for the conference and attract scholars who may be new to the event.

Considering this year’s conference special theme on Class and the Labour Process we particularly welcome stream submissions that can address this and overlapping themes in an interdisciplinary way and with contributions from both the Global North and the Global South.

Some stream topics incorporated into recent ILPC conferences are as follows.

  • Precarious work and workers organisation
  • Work, labour and employment in China
  • The role of the state
  • Integrating labour with global value chains
  • Migrant labour and employment relations
  • Climate change, Green jobs and Labour Movement responses

Stream proposals should include:

  • Detailed description of the proposed stream (including title and key conveners)
  • A discussion of how the stream will address the criteria for inclusion listed above

If you are interested in organising a stream for the 2018 conference please send a proposal not more than 750 words to by July 1st 2017. Decisions on acceptance will be made by July 31st 2017 (this email address can also be used for informal queries and advice).

The organisers will consult with the ILPC Steering Group and a decision will be made in time for the second, amended Call for Papers.

Maurizio Atzeni
Maurizio Atzeni is a researcher based in Buenos Aires at the Center for Labour Relations, National Research Council of Argentina. He has written extensively on work and labour issues in articles and books published internationally. Among his recent publications is the book Workers and Labour in a Globalised Capitalism: theoretical themes and contemporary issues (Palgrave, 2013), in which work is analysed from the broader perspective of political economy.

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