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An Anthropology of Money

by Tim Di Muzio on April 13, 2017

An Anthropology of Money: A Critical Introduction shows how our present monetary system was imposed by elites and how they benefit from it.

The book poses the question: how, by looking at different forms of money, can we appreciate that they have different effects? Richard Robbins and me demonstrate how modern money requires perpetual growth, an increase in inequality, environmental devastation, increasing commoditisation, and, consequently, the perpetual consumption of ever more stuff. These are not intrinsic features of money, but, rather, of debt-money.

This text shows that, through studying money in other cultures, we can have money that better serves the broader goals of society.

Tim Di Muzio
Tim Di Muzio is lecturer in International Relations and public policy at the University of Wollongong. His research is guided by two main agendas. In the first agenda, his interests lie at the intersection between the history of market civilisation, global capitalism and questions related to energy, the environment and global social reproduction. In the second agenda, his interests lie at the intersection between war, racism and liberal forms of rule in the making of world order.

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